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The Match 4 Recap and Golf Memes

21 JUL 2021

The Match 4:

Tuesday July 6 — Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady took on Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rogers at the Match 4 in Big Sky, Montana. Featuring a lot of trash talk combined with incredible views, DeChambeau and Rogers took the W on the No. 16, with Rogers walking in a 10-foot putt following DeChambeau’s tee shot on the par 3. This was Mickelson and Brady’s second time pairing up together, and their second loss. We’re secretly hoping a third time will be a charm for these two golf legends.

If you’re following on Twitter, it started with… etc. Watch the full story here

Lefty wasn't too happy when Bryson DeChambeau walked up and copied his exact shot on one of the par 3's, both hitting it within a couple feet of the hole. Watch here. 



When you're playing a match there are no friends! Aaron Rogers denies Phil Mickelson a fist bump after walking in a putt. To see the whole video click here.

Tom Brady says Golf is way harder than football, when asked about a comeback win for him and Mickelson. View here

Memes of the Month:

You gotta do what you gotta do to watch the Open!  



Thank you. You're the true heroes!



I mean... the resemblance is definitely there...  


Every time! My bad guys, really got a hold of that one...