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Summer Checklist

18 JUN 2021

Sun Bum Sunscreen | Find it in the Golf Shop

Some say sunscreen is the new seatbelt, and we think they’re right. Sun safety is something we can forget about until it’s too late. But, making it part of your pre-golf routine is as essential as wearing a seat belt on your way to and from the course. In our golf shops, we sell Sun Bum sunscreen in a variety of SPFs. Don’t forget about your lips… they’re skin too. For that, we have Sun Bum’s SPF Lip Balm.

Their tip? Put Sun Bum After Sun Cool Down Lotion in the fridge, and after some time in the sun, find a place to recline and apply. You’re welcome.

Sunscreen Spray SPF 50, Original | Sun Bum


Croc Block 28.5% DEET | Find it in the Golf Shop

Tested by our Members for many years in Muskoka, we know this stuff works. It contains three repellents to deter all the baddies. Extremely effective against mosquitoes and all biting insects, including fleas, ticks, black flies, deer flies, gnats, biting midges, no SEE-UMS, and many more.

Pick up in our golf shops the next time you’re checking in. You’ll thank us for the reminder!

Croc Bloc 6-Hour Heavy-Duty Insect Repellent, 5 Pack |

Custom Gifts and Apparel | Shop Now

In the days where we can’t touch anything without regret, we’ve gotten used to no-touch technology. ClubLink has introduced contact-free water bottle refilling stations at most of our properties. So bring along your favourite water bottle! If you don’t have one, we’ll have you covered in the shop or on

While you’re at it, maybe get a shirt from the ClubLink Course Logo apparel collection. Glen Abbey, RattleSnake Point, King Valley and more!

Shop Custom Levelwear Collection

Lessons | Book Now

It’s official! Since June 11, we can offer golf instruction again. Private, semi-private, and group lessons (kids camps) are available, and our golf pros are ready to make your golfing dreams come true! So, make 2021 the year you set some goals and improve your game.

Here’s our most popular Academy video of all time about not laying up. Layups are just for basketball, aren’t they? Take a look and view it here

Ready to Start? Book Your Lessons Here 

Golf Shoes 

Often an overlooked piece of equipment, the humble golf shoe is arguably the most crucial piece of equipment not in the bag. The right shoe will keep you stable, comfy, and climate-controlled for those long days on the course and range. I could go on… but the point is your feet deserve a great pair of spikes to keep you at your best! has a great adiBucks offer; gift with purchase offer on all adidas shoes. Get your new favourite pair while you can take advantage of this promo!

Shop adidas Shoes and Get Your Gift Here