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ShagBag: Viral Golf Giggles

18 JUN 2021

If you follow golf you know all about the Bryson DeChambeau/Brooks Koepka rivalry. This feud started in 2019 after Brooks was on the cover of Men's Health. Bryson made a comment about Brooks' abs... or lack thereof. Since then they haven't been the best of friends, but that situation was just a tiny spark contributing to the explosion. Fast forward to the beginning of June 2021 and the feud exploded. In an interview with the PGA Brooks after his round, Bryson walked behind Brooks' interview with his spikes making a lot of noise; and that irritated Brooks beyond belief. 



Coming up on July 6 — The Match III featuring Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady versus Bryson Dechambeau and Aaron Rogers. Will you be watching?